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New Species Added to the Open Source Marine Fish Egg Catalog

What do the Lyretail Anthias and the Axilspot Hogfish have in common?  They're new species whose eggs have been photographed and documented in the Open Source Marine Fish Egg Catalog. Do you work for a public aquarium or zoo?  Do you have any of these species in your exhibits?  Ever thought about aquaculturing them?  Get an idea of the size, shape, and morphometrics of their eggs in order to identify and target them in your aquarium or zoo's larval rearing program.  Check out these and othe

Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson in Project Announcement

Whose Eggs Are Those? Building an ID Catalog

Public aquarium exhibits have all the right ingredients to get fish in the mood: Lots of fish, abundant habitat, excellent diets and water quality. Some public aquaria and zoos have dedicated the talents of their aquarists to aquaculture eggs collected from their fishes mating on exhibit to provide an alternative supply to wild-caught fish. But whose egg is whose? The public aquarium and zoo community has committed the resources and talents of their best and brightest to find out.  Over the

Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson in Project Announcement

Yasha goby (Stonogobiops yasha) reared in captivity (photos and videos included)

The Marine Ornamental Program at Roger Williams University has successfully reared the yasha goby (Stonogobiops yasha) in captivity! Info about RWU: Roger Williams University (RWU) is a student-centric liberal arts institution in waterfront Bristol, RI. The RWU Center for Economic and Environmental Development (CEED) offers undergraduate students the unique opportunity to conduct hands-on applied research in all aspects of aquaculture, including the culture of marine or

Joe Szczebak

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Flashlight Fish

The pelagic spawned eggs are very adhesive for a good part of their initial development and unlike anything I've ever worked with. I'm STOKED! Below are some photos I briefly took of eggs approximately 12HPF (hours post fertilization) at 30X. Stay tuned for updates! -Avier

Avier J. Montalvo

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