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Flashlight Fish

Avier J. Montalvo


The pelagic spawned eggs are very adhesive for a good part of their initial development and unlike anything I've ever worked with. I'm STOKED!

Below are some photos I briefly took of eggs approximately 12HPF (hours post fertilization) at 30X.

Stay tuned for updates!


Anomalopidae ~12 HPF_DF_30X.jpg

Anomalopidae ~12 HPF_OB_30X.jpg

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Tasha Esaki


Did you have any updates for this? I have got a group of about 180 anomalops and would love to try to get some larvae going, but I haven't been able to collect any eggs. Looking for advice!

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Are you still working on this project? if so i would like to hear how this is going.

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